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Turkish Food Culture

Turkish cuisine is so diverse that it can even vary greatly from region to region. As an example, in the Aegean Region foods are mostly vegetable-based while in the eastern parts most people use meat in nearly every meal. Keep reading if to be informed about Turkish Food Culture.


Even though all meals are very important in Turkish cuisine culture, breakfasts have a separate place in Turkish culture. Turkish people prefer a wide variety of foods for breakfast. Mostly they have different kinds of cheeses, olives, tomato, cucumber, butter, jam, kaymak, and honey. Also, menemen and sucuk are two of the most preferred foods for breakfasts in Turkish Food Culture.

Meat, Fish, and Chicken

In Turkish food culture, meat is consumed mostly on Eid Al-Adha, in which Muslims sacrifice cattle or sheep. Also, Turkish food culture has different kinds of kebabs. Adana kebab, iskender kebab, and Urfa kebab are three of the representatives of Turkish cuisine in the world. Chicken and fish are very common in Turkish cuisine too. While chicken is a preferred ingredient for soups and main dishes all over Turkey, fish is mostly used in different soups, main dishes even sometimes desserts in the Black Sea Region.

Vegetarian Foods

Like we said vegetarian foods are mostly preferred in Aegean Region. Most vegetables can be the main ingredient of a dish in Turkey, these dishes are cooked with olive oil and called zeytinyağlılar in Turkish. All you must do is to put onions, olive oil, hot water, and the vegetable of your choice in a pot. Also, dolma, meaning to be filled, and sarma, meaning to be wrapped, are the two most popular foods that are cooked with olive oil in Turkish food culture. Dolma and sarma’s stuffing’s main ingredient are rice; however, in some parts of the country people add meat to it as well.

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